Why we're building Altitude

Altitude exists to help individuals build life-changing businesses. Today, we’re starting with an AI tool to super power your customer support team.

We’re a team of two, Ashley and Carson. We’ve spent our careers so far building customer service products for big tech companies. Companies like Amazon have enormous resources to build customer experiences. They can afford more ads and have teams of people building tools to help their operations run more smoothly. It’s a lot to be up against.

Altitude is a bet that individuals can build meaningful businesses, even in the face of tough competition. We want to live in a world where we have connection with the products we use and people that we buy from. We’re helping people build successful businesses to create that world.

To do that, we’re investing in two areas:

  • Tools that helps small teams provide great customer experiences, while controlling costs.
  • Education from people building great businesses

We're excited to share more soon!