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Give personalized, empathetic support to every customer with AI built for commerce.

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Keep your magic

Your team, multiplied

Most companies lose customer support quality as they grow. Altitude is AI customized to your product and people to respond to every question just like you would.

Previous conversations
Product Descriptions
Knowledge base
Building your voice

Beyond text

Solve the 80% of inquiries that require action

Most questions require you to do something. CX tools of the past pushed that onto your customers.
Altitude does it for them.

Answer repeititive questions in 1 click.
We bring together customer, order, and product information to draft complete, on-brand responses.
Scale extraordinary CX.
Don't force customers to do it themselves because you don't have time. Altitude makes it easy to give your 10,000th customer the same personalized experience you gave your 1st.
Get back to customers in seconds, not hours.
Faster answers unblock purchases and keep customers happy.
with Altitude
without Altitude

Ready for action

Trained on 100s of the most common questions


Update frequency, shipment dates, and order contents

Product questions

Answer detailed product questions that block buyers from purchasing

Account Information

Update addresses, emails, users

Altitude works with the tools you use today

    • Shopify
    • Gorgias
    • Skio
    • BigCommerce
    • Hubspot
    • Duoplane

Missing something? We're adding new integrations all the time.

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